Student Testimonials

“Some of the best teachers in life open new doorways for us because they are able to express their passion and joy for the art they teach to each of their students. A teacher that inspires and leaves a legacy is indeed a great teacher and MeriLynn is definitely that teacher. Her class provides me with a source of balance, relaxation and also a space where I can listen to myself. Her path is to serve as a guide, through her teaching, to help her students witness for themselves the higher levels of consciousness. I feel truly blessed to call her my teacher, mentor and friend.”
-Rhonda Roehrich

“(The Moving Energy) class is my womb, my hospital, my therapist, my sanctuary, my temple, my inspiration. I have been able to let go of fears, inertia, past habits and step into healing, creativity, and a freedom and confidence to be me. Merilynn Blum is an amazing, exciting and fabulous teacher. She has an extraordinary ability to intuit just what her students need and provide the experience for gentle healing and transformation. This is accomplished with joy, laughter and lots of love. A gift like this does not cross our paths too often. It allows us to set boundaries so we can fly with our dreams. A heavenly experience not to be missed!”
-Ann Benedetto

“Body, heart and mind—MeriLynn Blum is a master at balancing, harmonizing, uniting the three. When I leave her yoga class I feel completely human and absolutely divine.”
-Janice Lohr

“MeriLynn Blum teaches yoga from her heart. Along with yoga postures, MeriLynn’s spiritual words of wisdom, and readings, have enlightened, empowered, and inspired me. This is the yoga class I have been seeking. Slowly, with wonder and amazement, my life began a profound transformation! MeriLynn’s gift for teaching has changed my life.”
-MaryAnn Gebhardt

“I started practicing yoga with Merilynn in 2000. This was the beginning of subtle transformations in my life. Her wisdom and light have given me a heightened feeling and connection to my inner self. A rich, nurturing environment to learn about my body through her knowledge of many yogic postures and teachings.”
-Linda Dumoff

“Eight years ago I asked GOD to help me, to heal me, to make me whole ......mind , body , and spirit ------ HE answered my prayers.......HE sent me to MeriLynn.”
-Denise Ostrega

“Moving Energy class offers a unique opportunity for self-exploration and self-expression. Moving through the rhythms and qualities of the chakras together and apart, we find ourselves on a joyous journey of healing, self discovery, liberation and fun.”
-Peggy O'Neil

“The topics that Merilynn addresses pre-exercise have such relevance to my life. Framing those topics in a yogic light and keeping that focus throughout class really get transferred into the way I approach life…Class is my favorite time of the week. The other day, I thought there might not be room for me as a drop-in. Had that been the case, I was going to request that I'd stand aside and just listen. I felt even that would be satisfying.”
-Sharon Berman

“Dear MeriLynn, I want to take the time to thank you for your yoga classes. Your profound knowledge of the technology of the body combined with your gift of weaving and integrating the sacred yoga teachings into so much more than just a physical practice has allowed me to explore and awaken my physical, energetic and emotional bodies in ways that I have not thought possible. Your classes are a beautiful, kaleidoscopic journey into self. I cannot think of anything that I have ever done that has been more transformative. Again, thank you.”
-Debbie Cucopulos